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Things productive people do before bed

Behind every successful person out there is a daily nightly routine that is effective in enhancing their productivity and sense of fulfillment. With the series of things they juggle together in the day, work, family, loved ones, chores, errands, etc. one begins to wonder how they manage to juggle everything perfectly! Well it’s no magic but strict adherence to an effective bedtime routine in preparation for the following day.

They pen down their thoughts

People who are productive and successful all have something in common and that is writing down their thoughts, plans, feelings, emotions, intentions, etc. Writing enables them to have a clear view of where they are going and also focus on the important things in life rather than wasting time doing nothing.

They build up knowledge

A reader is a leader as we all know, successful people expand their knowledge on a daily basis by spending long minutes perusing and reading books, articles, journals by great writers.

They set priorities

These individuals understand that having a sense of direction and vision is what enables one to achieve the impossible. So right before hitting the sack they make up their to-do list for the following day and wake up feeling confident and prepared.

They utilize time well

There are only 24 hours in a day and for successful people, there’s no lagging behind or idling away. They get busy with work; make good use of their skills, talents, and knowledge to come out with excellent results.

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real blessing nd one your happy

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yu produce gud grades

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That' s the secret,keep on kudo to u dear.

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Planning is essential for success in life.

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